(dZ&mb@"leI@)  Also jambalayah, jambolaya.  [Louisiana Fr., f. Provençal jambalaia.] 

   A dish composed of rice together with shrimps, chicken, turkey, etc. Also fig.

   1872 New Orleans Times 28 June, Those who brought victuals, such as gumbo, jambalaya, etc., all began eating and drinking.  1905 O. Henry in Munsey's Mag. July 467/2 Terrapines,+jambolaya, and canvas-covered ducks.  1916 Dialect Notes IV. 269 The show was a regular jambalaya of stunts.  1949 B. A. Botkin Treas. S. Folklore iv. i. 552 Louisianians [grow lyrical] over the superiorities of the Cajun and Creole cuisinegombo, jambalaya, bouillabaisse.  1961 Listener 14 Dec. 1050/2 Jambalaya+is based on a creole mixture of ham chunks, prawns, and rice, highly flavoured and simmered in chicken stock.  1973 L. Hellman Pentimento (1974) 78 The dinner was wonderful: jambalaya, racoon stew, and wild duck.